About Us


We started our company 32 years ago from scratch. From zero to today, AKFA has now owned a total of 45000 square feet of big Store Factory. Our Main Services is to provide One-Stop Services to our beloved Clients. All the products and consultations can be found and settle in AKFA. Our Founder has registered ‘AKFA” as a Trademark through Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia in the year of 2017. Our Client networking is now not just in Malaysia but also expanded to Singapore and Thailand.


We had successfully expended our business from Malaysia to Singapore and Thailand and etc. We are also expanding our services to the new Markets, such as Indonesia, Middle East and etc. Throughout the 32 years in this industry, we have systemized our management and also upgraded our services, our client can receive the information and our services in a faster way and a smarter way. Moreover, AKFA plans to build our new factory in Johor to provide our own Manufacturing line and better services with a higher Quality Product to our Clients in 2021.



Our Visions
Our Founder is very enthusiastic about AKFA’s Future in the industry. Our Vision is to able to win the Awards as below in the year of 2020:

  • Golden Eagle Award
  • Golden Bull Award
  • SME 100 Malaysia
  • Sin Chew Business Excellence Award

Most inspiring Vision and all of our colleagues are working hard towards is to make “AKFA” become a Public Listing Company in Bursa Malaysia in the future.



AKFA was founded in the year 1988 by Mr. AK Teng. At the very beginning of the start-up of AKFA, we were just a small trading company and provide construction services to our clients. In the year 2015, Son of our Founder Mr. AK Teng, MrTylongTeng, has successfully expanded the business and created “AFKA” which were then been used by our Company ever since. The reason behind is to work together with our Supplier and directly with the manufacturer to provide a High-Quality Product with reasonable pricing to our clients. Until today, We have been cooperating with more than 10 of our Trusted, and High Quality Controlled Suppliers to continue to provide the best services to our clients.  In the year of 2017, 'AKFA' has successfully registered as a Trademark through the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia.